Lao Cultural Media is a company based in Luang Prabang that offers photography, videography, as well as media training workshops and seminars. We can also assist with profiles research, artists, location scouting, fixer and guild for your project, as well as liaising with local Filming permissions and paperwork for getting access to film in Laos.

We are passionate about sharing and preserving the cultural heritage of Laos through storytelling in documentary films. And also we can create a unique short-film, a commercial, a public service announcement, a music video, or an event movie.


1st prize- "Love Laos: Keep it Clean" campaign. A joint effort between The Asia Foundation and the Luang Prabang Film Festival. 2016

Vientianale Awards 2017
Best Director


Lao France School
Luang Prabang Heritage Office
Laung Prabang Hand Made
Warrior Women Mastermind Laos - Australia
Nahm Dong Park Luang Prabang